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What Makes You Uncomfortable?

Originally posted May 19, 2017

Okay, confession time. I’m not the most outgoing person in the world. In fact, I used to consider myself shy. As I’ve grown up a little, I now classify myself as “quiet”. Which is true. I don’t really speak unless I have something to say.

Hence the reason why this, all of this — putting myself out there on social media and the internet — is really uncomfortable. I never really distinguished myself as someone that people would want to listen to or get advice from. Like really? Do y’all know how many issues I have?

There comes a time in every persons life where they need to realize that they have something to offer. No person has the same fingerprint as another. That means we are all unique. There are things that only you were created to accomplish. Half the battle is realizing that you can do it!

Growth is a natural part of life. Most times, it can be awkward. We get so consumed with what we will look like if we do something wrong or make a mistake. It’s all about taking a step – a leap of faith into a new journey. Because guess what? Everyone messes up. Everyone gets uncomfortable.

Have you considered that maybe it’s not really about the destination, but more so the process it takes to get there?

It’s funny, a lot of things in life have some sort of judo mind trick meaning to them. Take for instance having a baby. In the grand scheme of things, yes, you bring another human into the world, but being pregnant causes you to share. Your. Body. For 40 weeks! It’s the ultimate invasion of personal space. You have to learn to accommodate someone else. Become more selfless. Think. Prepare. It causes you to realize that life isn’t all about you.

The destination is “have the baby”, but the process and time it takes to get there unlocks a path of life that maybe you wouldn’t otherwise experience.

Had I never had the idea to start my YouTube channel, or this website, I probably wouldn’t have thought about helping better the lives of other moms around me. I would have been too caught up with my own insecurities.

I want my children to see their mother as someone who didn’t “fake the funk” around others. Kids can smell that stuff a mile away anyway. I want them to see the ups and the downs of life, and have a well rounded perspective of what it can be. I want them to know that they don’t need to be perfect to have my approval. I want them to forgive me just as I forgive them.

So, what makes you uncomfortable? If it’s something you know you’re supposed to be doing, embrace it! You’re probably going in the right direction. Just remember to enjoy it along the way. Face your discomfort head on like the queen you are. JUST. START. #yasssqueen

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