About me

My name is Shayla, but in the Internet world I go by JunkDrawerMom. In 2016, I was a struggling mother, new to being a stay at home mom, and tired of pretending like I had it all together.  Everyone wants to talk about what happens as a child grow up, but those folks never really address how you as a parent changes. What’s up with that?


Juggling a marriage, 4 children, homeschooling, and ministry & home responsibilities takes a lot of work! My heart is to normalize the experiences, challenges, and even the victories that we as moms encounter, because we go through A LOT. Can I get an amen?  While living in Canada, while far away from family, and adjusting to this new season got me thinking. So many of us go through the same things, so why not go through it together? Thus, I decided to start documenting my journey on YouTube. 


Making videos is a form of self care for me, and it gives me the opportunity to share the products I use, the places I discover, and some of my most personal moments with you .I hope you’ll enjoy my videos, and I encourage you to get in touch for feedback, possible collaborations, or just a thumbs up!