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My Bullet Journal Inspiration

Originally posted August 24, 2017

I’m back! Today I’m talking about the best journal: the Bullet Journal!! To me, this is the best way for me to keep all of my thoughts and ideas together, simply because it’s designed to do whatever you want with it!

There are so many creative ideas to track your life, so I’ve compiled a few points of inspiration that I used for my journal.

This super cute hand lettering from One Artsy Momma was fast to learn, and I use it on almost all of my pages! Nothing like pretty handwriting to inspire you to journal.

When you’re first starting out, set up a key to keep yourself organized. This is one of my favorites!

People post tons of ideas on Pinterest and Instagram. You can easily do a search for “bullet journal tips” on either site. Just make sure you use hashtags when searching Instagram!

I like to have a page that sets up my month. I can add bigger events and reminders, like the first day of school, when my husband goes out of town, etc. Here’s a super simple one.

I’ve been using this layout for the last 6 weeks, and I must say, it’s working the best for me! It’s simple and easy for me to see everything I need to do for the week. This site has 10 different weekly layouts to suit your fancy.

Here’s another weekly layout that I started with. It’s really pretty and I liked the way it made my journal look, but with four kids I  found it was too much work to draw the template every week.

And that’s it! In my next post, I’ll be sharing what my journal looks like. Happy journaling!


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