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The Journal of All Journals

Originally posted August 21, 2017

Anyone else have a hard time keeping all your stuff together?? It seems like the more kids I have, the less and less organized I become. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.

Before I found this journal, I had a separate journal for everything: one for house tasks, grocery lists, blog and social media planning, bill payments, etc. I couldn’t stand not having everything in one place, so I started looking for an all inclusive journal.

I found it, y’all. The bullet journal. The bullet journal, or “bujo” as the cool kids call it, can incorporate whatever you want it to. It’s completely customizable to your needs. It can include trackers, daily, weekly, or monthly planning, lists, tasks, events, and more.

This video from Buzzfeed Nifty really helped me start exploring all the great benefits of the bullet journal.

I’ve been using a bullet journal since June, and I have to say, I have become much more organized. It takes trial and error to find exactly what you like, but you can fall into a routine pretty quick.

I’m looking forward to sharing my favorite layouts with you soon! Happy journaling!

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