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I Never Thought I'd Do This

Originally posted May 17, 2017

It all started when we visited friends for dinner. They have a #GORGEOUS show home, and we were talking about how they have time to keep it clean with three kids (now they have four).

They shared a story about how a lady came to see their house, and asked if she could open the kitchen cabinets (#redflag). By chance, she happened to pick the one that was the most cluttered.

You can imagine the embarrassment and awkwardness my friend felt. (Because, I mean, who likes it when someone sees how they really keep their kitchen cabinets?! #thosetupperwaretops)

That night, I was nursing (then infant) Nathaniel, and a thought came to me: EVERYONE has a junk drawer in their life. Everyone has areas that are seemingly cluttered, unfocused, disheveled, and embarrassing; especially when it comes to parenting.

We want everyone around us to think our mothering skills can be equated to a hashtag show home when really, things are a mess inside.

This is where the JunkDrawerMom concept was born- sleep deprived at around 2:30am, baby attached to my boob, husband snoring like a chainsaw, and a white noise app blaring from my phone.

My desire is to help women realize that there is no perfect parent, and you can be open and honest about your life and the changes you’re going through. Trust me, you’re not in this alone. It’s okay to feel like you don’t have your ish together!

Let’s grow together because, well, hiding is overrated.

Until next time,


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