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Ways to Make Yourself A Priority

Originally posted May 23, 2017

Confession. I forget about taking care of myself. A lot. I mean come on, I know I’m not the only one, right? (Please tell me I’m not the only one.) When you have kids, it’s SO easy to put yourself on the back burner.

There was once a time where I did the things I enjoyed multiple times a week. Now that I have a family and home to take care of, my priorities are different. HOWEVER, that doesn’t meant that those things are now unimportant or irrelevant.

Everyone knows the saying, a wife/mother keeps the temperature of the home. Generally speaking, if you are happy, the rest of the home is happy. So, what makes you happy? What things are you prioritizing in your life to give you that extra boost each day?

Yeah, we all know hubby/boo/bae/honey and the kids/kidlets/little people/children/offspring are important. Taking care of the house is a must. Providing for the family is a must. But so is taking care of YOURSELF.

There are a lot of times where I’m not even aware that I’m neglecting myself, until I realize that I’m constantly blowing up on the kids, or getting easily irritated with them. I am very blessed to have a husband that encourages me on a regular basis to get out of the house, or to take some time to do something for myself, but even with that it’s a struggle to maintain.

Here are the steps I am trying to take to make sure I prioritize my well-being. Take a look below. (Keep scrolling for ideas on what to for yourself!)

Three steps to prioritizing yourself

1.Accept and acknowledge that you are worth it!

There’s a famous quote: “The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.”

It’s totally true! You must first be aware of the fact that you need time for yourself, and  then acknowledge that you deserve it. You are a hard working woman who NEEDS to be built up. If there’s nothing in your cup, there will be nothing to give out!

2. Make a Note

This is something I haven’t yet done, but I plan to do starting in June (more on that later). I think it would be advantageous to keep track of how often you are doing something for yourself.

You can easily set a goal to do something for yourself once a week, or every other week, and then see if you stick to it! There’s just something about seeing it on paper that makes you really think and assess.

3. Learn to say “no”

This is a work in progress for a lot of people, I’m sure. Humans have the capability to take on a lot of responsibility, even to a fault. We often have compassion and want the best for people, so we take on things we don’t really need to do.

I have learned what my limitations are, what I can and can’t agree to, and I don’t feel bad about it. What I can do is what I can do.

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